01 March, 2009

Sketchblog Post #8 - Inspired


A pretty rough and quick study on anatomy and poses. Quite a few errors made, but I am satisfied with how it turned out.


  1. That is pure awesome wrapped in win. Other than the coloring in of the mouth (which could be easily fixed) I don't really see any major mistakes, you've taken what is ussually a very grandiose kind of theme/subject (perched on a spire) and turned it into a deceptively simple (the detail isn't completely apparent at first glance), elegant and natural looking pose. Bravo.

  2. Honestly I would think that that would be a pretty difficult and bothersome thing to balance on, but the muscle tone is rather amazing. She has a very subdued smile... coy? I guess? which works very well. Better than the HEY LOL expressions I tend to do.