29 December, 2008

Sketchblog Post #5

Vigilante Crimefighter Valerie

A design for a comic a friend of mine is gonna do. Inspired by superheroes in a modern, but with slight sci-fi elements, this incarnation of my persona is devoted to fighting crime without the need for the law to intervene. She is gentle in temperament, has an unwavering focus on her missions and fairly open-minded, yet she can be overconfident, (Cost her an arm and a wing, which got replaced by prosthetics powered by a gem embedded on her sternum.) arrogant and scatterbrained at times. She can be really sociable, friendly and affectionate, but sometimes just wants some alone time. She also has a very deep respect for life and will do anything she can to make sure that no deaths result from her actions.

Being outside of the law, she is herself also constantly on the run from it. As a result, she really has no home to rest in and almost nothing else to her name other than what she carries on her person. Her caretaker, who have been taking care of her for most of her early life and have given her all her equipment is no longer legally able to take care of her. She still visits him from time to time, though.

She is not quite as strong and not as durable as a typical superhero, but she is agile and can ride through the storm pretty well. She has limited psionic abilities that can help detect people through opaque barriers around her with limited range, give her a brief fleeting glimpse of a person's thoughts and help to speed up recovery from wounds. She also can use her wings to glide and gain a small mid-air boost.

Her arsenal includes : 

  • A pulse rifle that fire stunner bolts. It has a scope that can extend the reliable range of the rifle to 1536 metres. It holds 400 charge units which it can fire in rapid succession at 600 rounds per minute or in clusters of 12 units with a recovery time of 1.2 seconds for sniping.
  • A riot control shotgun (not shown) that fires 12-gauge riot-control pellets at 60 rounds per minute in a narrow spread pattern. It is shorter, and more maneuverable but its range is very short and requires constant reloading from a limited supply.
  • A pair of modified MP7-K assault SMGs as sidearms. It fires special hollow rounds that breaks apart on impact, causing superficial wounds which the sedative serum contained is splashed all over. Each MP7-K can fire at 900 rounds per minute in a large bullet spread pattern. It has a magazine capacity of 25 rounds each, which is constantly being replenished by a special ammo replenisher device.
  • A pair of katars that has their blades dulled and electrified. It functions like fancy cattleprods.
  • A length of heavy-duty bondage rope (not shown) used to tie up suspects after they are taken out.
  • A full-body figure-hugging suit that acts as protection from fatal injury from live firearms. They don't stop the bullets from hurting like hell though.

22 December, 2008

[SamTV] [Music Vid] Jerusalem Co-op

Linking my blog to my Youtube account is a pretty cool feature.

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, I have just been afflicted with laziness recently. This is all that I have been doing these days ; playing Serious Sam.

17 December, 2008

Another sketchblog post.

Another Femme Tribal Squirrel

Not much to say here, these things always find their way into my sketch pad when my mind goes on autopilot. Like the last time this happened : 

14 November, 2008

Sketchblog Post #3

Brave knight Durant

A childhood friend and a sparring partner of Sharon, Durant is a bright fellow with an unusual amount of gusto and bravado. When training to become a knight in the town of Cantiaci, Durant adopted a "strength is everything" philosophy that had driven him to excell in his swordsmanship. This allowed him to rise up the ranks and become the commander of the Cantiaci knights fairly quickly. 

Unfortunately, his philosophy of pure strength hasn't allowed him to progress much in swordsmanship skill and he will always be one step behind Sharon because of that. He also tends to push himself more than he should, and often ends up pretty roughed up after a hard day's battle. Not that it ever stops him from thinking he could keep going...which usually ends up with Sharon having to save his ass, much to his embarassment.

12 November, 2008

Keith Olbermann on Proposition 8

I would say something, but it would be redundant in light of this video. If you voted for proposition 8, you should be ashamed of yourself. There is no excuse.

09 November, 2008

Sketchblog Post #2

Jessica : Keeper of the mana pendant

Jessica, while having a passion for adventure, is also an accomplished martial artist of the traditional featherboxer and berserker style. The mana pendant is the valedictory gift from her martial arts mentor, who disappeared without a trace after their final training session together. It wasn't too long before her sense of curiousity fed into her adventurous spirit and became a near-insatiable desire to travel across the globe to discover its origin and the secrets it holds.

This, through a not-so-common set of circumstances, has made her the target of many adversaries who desire the pendant for what it keeps locked away. Jessica can only look in amazement at the pendant as she realized how much of her raison d'ĂȘtre it had become.

08 November, 2008

A new terror has been unleashed in the entertainment world.

Obama wins, then the internet shat their pants.

First off, I would like to congratulate all of you Americans for your new president-elect and soon to be president of the United States, Barack Obama. Now, I am not as enthousiastic as some about Obama, but I am quite happy that he got in. His victory is a sign that the voices that speaks for equal opportunity and unity is bigger than the voices of those who cling on to their stone-age xenophobia. Now, I am not saying that he is the next coming of Jesus, Ahura Mazda or any other deity of your choosing, nor do I expect him to to be 100% successful, but at least he is a step forward the nation needs right now to pull itself out of its rut.

Now, the reason I am writing this is because I want to write an open letter to everyone, especially Americans, about the reactions of the people in response to Obama's victory. See, it's totally fine to jump for joy and celebrate when your candidate of choice got elected into the White House and it is totally fine to be upset when your candidate of choice lost out. However, in the hours following the final results of the election, people who supported Obama are talking about vindictively rubbing the victory in the faces of their fellows who supported McCain and the people who supported McCain are posting myopic, venomous and hate-filled blogs, rants and videos online aimed at their fellows who supported Obama with promises of fillibustering every single perceived slip-up. This is a very abhorrent act on both sides and I, for one, am disappointed and ashamed to see people partake in such small-minded and childish behaviour.

People, whatever happened to the message of unity Obama's victory and McCain's concession speech brings? Whatever happened to putting aside your difference and working together to make the US a better place? Why are you devoting your time to furthering the rift between left and right leaning citizens and sowing hatred amongst yourselves? Where is the love for your fellows?

So please, let's not degenerate ourselves to such acts, okay? You want to be proud of the country again? Let us instead work together in unity and love to bring about a better nation.

01 November, 2008

I crusade against bullshit DRM and I am not backing down.

I am going to be very direct about this : I am boycotting Fallout 3 and and every Bethsedasoft product in the past, present and future indefinitely. This is a real pity because the game itself looks very well-produced with solid gameplay elements. Obviously, the quality of the game is not the reason for the boycott.

It is when a company stoops to such a low level of dishonesty such as promising to exclude bullshit DRM from their game, then turning around, shipping their game with the latest version of Securom , and then insulting customers with the insinuation that they are software pirates before finally offering a fix for SecuROM causing install issues for their game, that I rise up to the occasion and protest with a big fat boycott.

Why not just the game, but the entire company? The answer is simple, the game is the symptom of the problem, the companies pushing their bullshit DRM is what is causing the problem. Boycotting an entire company also sends a stronger message.

I can only wish that more people followed suit so that companies, in this case Bethseda, can no longer get away with thinking they can treat their customers as criminals. There really needs to be a concerted effort to protest against bullshit DRM such as SecuROM and Starforce and the companies using such low and slimy tactics to push said bullshit DRM. 

The gamers bending over, happily taking the big fat DRM dick up their ass, isn't helping the issue either; If you are able to ignore the fact that DRM is being sneaked into your games, if you are willing to ignore that game companies are getting more and more audacious and slimy with pushing intrusive DRM into their games and enjoy the game itself, then more power to you, but you are still not helping the issue, not one bit.

30 October, 2008

Sketchblog Post #1

Female Featherboxer

Featherboxers are a class of kickboxers who specializes in quick aerial moves stringed together in quick succession. They would prefer speed, grace and accuracy of strikes over power. As feather adornments are a sign of proficiency in the art, their bare wardrobe serves not only a practical purpose of unrestricted movement, but also to draw attention to the symbols of their status as accomplished masters of the art.

29 October, 2008

Hello there.

Okay so I took the plunge and moved to blogger. If you are linked here from my LJ post, chances are, your LJ account is added to my Google Reader. Post here with your account name if you want confirmation or affirmation. To add my blog here, you can either follow this blog with your Open ID, or you can add the url of this blog to your Google reader subscriptions.

In case you're new here, I am an amateur MIDI music composer, illustrator and an aspiring game designer. I also am what you would call a furry and thus most of my creative output would most likely be be anthropomorphic-themed. I also game a lot, my taste in games include 90's 16-bit games of the SNES and Genesis era and action-oriented FPS games, especially Valve-released games and Serious Sam. So don't hesitate to talk to me if you're looking for someone to play games like Serious Sam and Counter Strike with.

Watch this space for some content.