29 December, 2008

Sketchblog Post #5

Vigilante Crimefighter Valerie

A design for a comic a friend of mine is gonna do. Inspired by superheroes in a modern, but with slight sci-fi elements, this incarnation of my persona is devoted to fighting crime without the need for the law to intervene. She is gentle in temperament, has an unwavering focus on her missions and fairly open-minded, yet she can be overconfident, (Cost her an arm and a wing, which got replaced by prosthetics powered by a gem embedded on her sternum.) arrogant and scatterbrained at times. She can be really sociable, friendly and affectionate, but sometimes just wants some alone time. She also has a very deep respect for life and will do anything she can to make sure that no deaths result from her actions.

Being outside of the law, she is herself also constantly on the run from it. As a result, she really has no home to rest in and almost nothing else to her name other than what she carries on her person. Her caretaker, who have been taking care of her for most of her early life and have given her all her equipment is no longer legally able to take care of her. She still visits him from time to time, though.

She is not quite as strong and not as durable as a typical superhero, but she is agile and can ride through the storm pretty well. She has limited psionic abilities that can help detect people through opaque barriers around her with limited range, give her a brief fleeting glimpse of a person's thoughts and help to speed up recovery from wounds. She also can use her wings to glide and gain a small mid-air boost.

Her arsenal includes : 

  • A pulse rifle that fire stunner bolts. It has a scope that can extend the reliable range of the rifle to 1536 metres. It holds 400 charge units which it can fire in rapid succession at 600 rounds per minute or in clusters of 12 units with a recovery time of 1.2 seconds for sniping.
  • A riot control shotgun (not shown) that fires 12-gauge riot-control pellets at 60 rounds per minute in a narrow spread pattern. It is shorter, and more maneuverable but its range is very short and requires constant reloading from a limited supply.
  • A pair of modified MP7-K assault SMGs as sidearms. It fires special hollow rounds that breaks apart on impact, causing superficial wounds which the sedative serum contained is splashed all over. Each MP7-K can fire at 900 rounds per minute in a large bullet spread pattern. It has a magazine capacity of 25 rounds each, which is constantly being replenished by a special ammo replenisher device.
  • A pair of katars that has their blades dulled and electrified. It functions like fancy cattleprods.
  • A length of heavy-duty bondage rope (not shown) used to tie up suspects after they are taken out.
  • A full-body figure-hugging suit that acts as protection from fatal injury from live firearms. They don't stop the bullets from hurting like hell though.

22 December, 2008

[SamTV] [Music Vid] Jerusalem Co-op

Linking my blog to my Youtube account is a pretty cool feature.

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, I have just been afflicted with laziness recently. This is all that I have been doing these days ; playing Serious Sam.

17 December, 2008

Another sketchblog post.

Another Femme Tribal Squirrel

Not much to say here, these things always find their way into my sketch pad when my mind goes on autopilot. Like the last time this happened :