26 February, 2009

FurAffinity : Incompetence Redefined

Long story short, someone compromised the accounts of 3 members of FA, there was a serious fuckup made by an Admin and the entire site was shut down temporarily. Dragoneer, the head honcho, in his infinite wisdom, decided not to name or take action against the admin who fucked up because it was "an honest mistake" and he doesn't want to "point fingers". Here's what Dragoneer himself had to say on the matter :

"Hey, kids! My name's Dragoneer, and I have to be the unfortunate person who gets to relay what really happened. Tincrash's account was legitimately compromised by this user, but what happened after that point was our fault. Only three users were affected (Tincrash included), but that's three more than I find acceptable. Due to an unfortunate accident on our part, rather than being banned, the compromised account was mistakenly set to "admin" for roughly two minutes time. It was rectified fixed ASAP, however, during that time, some damage was done (see thread).

This was a complete mistake on our part. I'd rather be open and tell you up front that we fucked up rather than this assholegentlemen goad and get credit for what was ultimately our flub. Again, it was a human error on our part, and we're ensuring that it does not happen again. Don't give this "hacker" idiot credit. Blame me. I won't tell you which admin made the mistake, because I'm not going to point fingers. I'd rather the entire community hate me than hate a dude who made an honest mistake trying to do what was right for the community. 

If you want somebody to blame for this blame me.

I can't apologize enough for this inconvenience. I really can't. However, I'm not going to hide that we made a mistake. Rather, FA will remain offline until we can ensure that mistake is corrected and is preventable from happening again. I do not know the ETA at this time, but keep in mind it is of the highest priorities. We are also taking the opportunity to ensure that compromised accounts can be easily reverted. 

I dislike outages as much as anybody else, because whenever FA goes down me and a bottle of Advil becomes closer lovers than I'd like to admit. 

- Dragoneer"

Gee, any site worth their salt would fire the admin responsible for the massive fuckup, and that would be at its most lenient. Honest mistake or not, a mistake of this magnitude is proof that the person is incapable of the position, but noooo, Dragoneer is too cool for common sense so he decided to let the admin off scott free. Yeah...

This is 15999 USD of your donation money in action. You've been funneling money to this person whose head might as well be used as a garden ornament. I hope you are all proud of yourselves.

So if any of you wonder why I refuse to be a part of that site. Here is your answer.

20 February, 2009

Sketchblog Post #7 - Packing Heat

Packing Heat

This was actually from an OC session three days ago on the 17th and was meant to be another collab with Foehammer, but time constraints kind of shut that prospect down. About the picture, it's just a random fox hermaphrodite on a snowboard.

09 February, 2009

Music Post #1 - Wayfarer of Light

I finally found some audio hosting service that allows for widgets to be used in blogs. So without further ado :

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