15 June, 2009

Sketchblog Post #10 - Ailís Esperança (Model Kincaid X-1)

Ailís with the Kincaid X-1 CyFrame system

Another brainfart of mine sketched out not too long ago. Doing a better design of her startup upgrades. All of them can be controlled by her thoughts alone.

  1. Head : Kincaid Cyclops HUD system Mk. 1. Heads-Up Display system worn over the left or right eye with a set of straps to firmly secure the device to one's face. Quickly identifies and displays info and condition of any spotted entity, friend or foe. Interfaces with cerebral implants and sensors implanted on various points inside the body to display one's own physical condition in real time as well as store and retrieve data on any entities sighted for quick target recognition.
  2. Upper Back : Kincaid Scythe Wing System 1.0. A set of metal feathers used for fine control of aerial movements that can can also be deployed as a cutting implement for hostile targets at mid-range.
  3. Central Back : Kincaid Thrusters B1. A pair of thrusters which includes a stabilizing fin that is mainly used to provide forward thrust for the user.
  4. Lower back : Kincaid Thrusters C1. A pair of downwards-pointing thusters that is mainly used to provide short bursts of upward thrust for the user.
  5. Left Arm : Kincaid Battle Gauntlet 1.0. A weapon attachment that functions as a twin laser cannon, a beam katar and an elbow-scythe. The two halves of a beam katar can be deployed directly into the user's hand and used as a beam dagger. Design is symmetrical to accomodate both left and right-handed users.
  6. Right Arm : Kincaid Energy Shield 1.0. A defensive arm attachment that has a permanent energy field covering the device itself. A larger energy shield, and if need be, a spherical field covering the body from all angles, can be projected outward at will for short periods of time. Design is symmetrical to accomodate both left and right-handed users.
  7. Legs : Kincaid Icarus 1.1. A pair of boots that can provide short burts of upwards or forwards thrust for faster running and higher jumping. The 1.1 update includes a suspension system that reduces the shock and strain of landing from high places, and reduces the fatigue associated with digitigrade bipedal locomotion.
Other design tweaks include a slightly modified body suit design that keeps the aesthetics of the previous bodysuit design while removing that extra piece of cloth draped on her chest. She is also now semi-digitigrade (Weight is placed mostly on the balls of the feet rather than the toes and the ankle elevation is lower than in traditional digitigrade design.) with three digits on each feet as opposed plantigrade with five.

04 June, 2009

Sketchblog Post #9 - Random Pinup

Random Pinup

Just to let you know, I am still alive and kicking. I have been working on music for a friend's RPG Maker project as well as the complete character sheet set. Both are related to the wonderful community at TerraEarth, so good times are bound to happen soon. I'll show you my works for those projects when they are done, but for now, here's a random pinup doodle.